The construction of the main building and the botanical garden in the grounds was finished in 1909. The building was first used as a hospital and surgical centre and became a maternity home in the 1920s, with the aim of promoting assistance to unmarried mothers. Later, in the 1950s, it became a children’s sanatorium. The botanical garden was modified on various occasions, changing its original design. In the 1960s it was considerably enlarged. In the 1970s the Salviatino complex was used as the set for Mario Monicelli’s Amici Miei (My Friends); the photographs show scenes at the Salviatino with the actors starring in the film: Ugo Tognazzi, Adolfo Celi, Gastone Moschin, Duilio Del Prete, and Philippe Noiret. In November 2002 the complex was bought at an auction (held by the owner, the Florence local health authority) by ALMAT Spa, a Florentine company specialised in acquisitions and renovations of prestigious properties like the Serristori Palace on the Lungarno Serristori riverbank.

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