Units sales list

This historic building houses 13 stunning, bright units ranging from around 80 square metres to 300 square metres.
The two apartments on the west side of the ground floor are on three levels:

  • ground floor with high ceilings in the living areas and standard ceilings in the sleeping areas. Private garden.
  • Spacious lower-ground-floor .
  • Mezzanines living spaces.

The other apartments on the ground floor are on one or two levels (ground floor and mezzanine).
The first floor comprises three large apartments all featuring mezzanines. The largest apartment is south-east facing and has an exclusive 130 square-metre terrace with a private entrance from Via del Salviatino.
The first-floor living areas also features lofty ceilings.
The four apartments on the second floor are all on two levels and the ceilings in the living areas are about 7.00 metres high.

The building formerly housing the workshops has been converted into 2 apartments, windowed on three sides, with private gardens.
Another value-added feature included in the property price (millesimal calculation on owned quotas) together with the double underground garages is the lodge, an attractive building on the west side of the park.

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