Mappa Villa il Salviatino


The complex is on the outskirts of the urban area of Florence, far from the traffic, in peaceful natural surroundings but within easy distance of city services and amenities. Stretching from behind the Art Nouveau palace to Fiesole are softly rolling hills where the Florentine bourgeoisie built their exclusive homes over the centuries. The neighbourhood began to develop at the turn of the last century when small villas were built for the English travellers staying in Florence at the start of their European tours. The area with its small villas and carefully tended gardens still has a slightly English feel to it.

Here, on the banks of the river Affrico, surrounded by villas and parkland, is “Il Salviatino”, a former paedriatic and maternity clinic. “Il Salviatino” is a zone in Florence’s “Quartiere 2” (Campo di Marte) on the first hill towards Fiesole and is in a strategic position with respect to the city and its services. The bus-stop taking you to Piazza Duomo and the Santa Maria Novella railway station is just around the corner from the park entrance. The Firenze Sud toll-station on the A1 is just two kilometres away. A short stroll will take you to the Stadium and to some of the city’s most exclusive neighbourhoods with a wide range of retail outlets.

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