Details of restoration

Restoration details

The finishes are distinguished by the quality and elegance of the materials chosen: floors in marble, terracotta tiles or natural woods, plasters made using organic materials, wood or iron windows and doors created using period designs and recycled staircases with fine stone details and cast-iron banister. The building is extremely well soundproofed. The complex complies with the requirements on noise pollution laid down by the Italian Law 26/10/1995, No. 447 and is fully certified. Noise passing through walls, floors and produced by external sources lies within the limits set down in Table B annexed to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers 05/12/1997. The spacious double garages have canopy doors fitted with alarm systems and are built onto a wide internal road leading to the single homes and guaranteeing privacy, safety and comfort.

Aesthetics and functionality

The beautiful Salviatino park has been renovated and covers an area around 11,200 square metres. The project was entrusted to an internationally famous architect who created the apartments in the existing buildings without reducing the parkland. The residential units answer modern living requirements and perfectly blend elegance with comfort. The project is also sensitive to the environmental impact of the materials used, mingling nature with the pleasure of feeling at home. The systems have been chosen to ensure maximum energy savings while creating ideal temperature.

Eco-sustainability and energy saving

The complex is designed to respect sustainable building values and uses environmentally friendly, energy saving materials, natural air-conditioning systems and renewable energy. Cutting-edge choices belonging to the near future and intended to inspire tomorrow’s cities. An excellent project choice combined with the best building techniques to drastically reduce the apartments’ running costs.

Mechanical systems

Floor heating and cooling systems guarantee the ideal microclimate both in winter and summer, reducing noise levels to a minimum with respect to air-conditioning plants. In the winter the highly modern condensing boilers guarantee heat performance unequalled by traditional systems. In the summer the compressor-free absorption chiller uses a low environmental impact water-ammonia cooling solution that will not damage the ozone layer. In the winter the highly modern condensation heat generators guarantee heat performance unequalled by traditional systems. In the summer the absorption chiller (which has no compressor) uses a low environmental impact water-ammonia cooling solution, representing a cutting-edge system not to damage the ozone layer. The system is gas fed thus reducing running costs as well as avoiding the power-cuts that take place every summer. Heat is given off over the whole floor surface with minor temperature differences between the floor and room temperature. This, combined with the low air speed, guarantees constant temperatures and minimal movement of dust and pollens, the main cause of allergies. The entire complex is fitted with a dehumidification system ensuring optimum humidity levels and lack of condensation. The running and maintenance costs are particularly low. The absence of niches, radiators, and heaters gives you total flexibility in furnishing rooms. The water treatment and softening plant prevents build-up of limescale in taps, pipes and household appliances (dishwashers, washing machines), reduces the amount of soap required (for washing clothes or personal hygiene) and improves the quality of foods cooked in water. Water is disinfected by means of antiseptic ultraviolet light then oxygen enriched to improve its quality and taste. Waste pipes are made from sound-absorbing triple-layered polypropylene tubing guaranteeing high hydraulic performance, rigidity, stability, resistance to low temperatures, absorption of dynamic energy of liquids thus reducing noise and increasing resistance to knocks and high-temperature continuous flows.

Home automation

The 5-function electronic home automation system causes appliances and plants to communicate, extending their functions and favouring information exchange regardless of whether they are located in-house or externally. Users can switch on appliances by means of one or several control panels and set personalised sequences (switching lights on/off and opening/closing blinds etc.) This permits optimal use of electricity and avoids the current limiter being activated (when several household appliances are switched on simultaneously). All rooms are wired for digital satellite television and audio. The consumption recording system allows you to save personal settings for comfort and share the costs which are calculated by special meters on the basis of the effective consumption. The display allows you to check costs in real-time while consumption records can be downloaded in file form (directly to a laptop or memory card) in total privacy from the heating plant and personalised at will. Remote management can be carried out by means of a modem (via either a landline or GSM).


Il Salviatino has spacious double garage for two cars, easily accessible via a ramp, each with pivoting alarmed. The garages are connected to the housing by a large internal path so you can easily reach, especially indoors, your home in the strictest confidence, so comfortable and safe.


The automatic anti-intrusion system can be distance activated and connected to Telecare services and technical alarms. The CCTV cameras installed in communal and private entrance areas are linked to the video Entryphone system; if the tenant is absent the call can be transferred to a telephone number. In addition to the standard telephone system there is also an ADSL connection wired to the network and installed in the exchange panel. This gives users total flexibility in transforming telephone lines to data lines.

Revaluation in time

Above we have described just some of the features that make “IL SALVIATINO” such a unique and prestigious project. The Mediamat sales staff will be glad to illustrate the many other facets of the project. The lush green setting of the Fiesole hills, the proximity to Florence’s city centre, the conservation of the existing architectural features, the luxurious finishes, and surrounding parkland make this a highly valuable unique property. A value that is destined to increase continuously in time, following a highly positive growth trend.

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